Exercise 1

1 Using replaceable and redeclare on class Point

Point is a built-in type in Modelica.

Create a class
Redeclaration, containing a Point P as a variable. You should set the values of x, y and z as well.

In the class below you should redeclare
P as the type myPoint, which is a subtype of Point (you can write myPoint further below).

You can declare the class
myPoint here, below.

1.1 Hint

The variable P must be declared replaceable in class Redeclaration.


1.2.1 class Point

1.2.2 class Redeclaration

1.2.3 class MyPoint

1.2.4 class PointRed

myPoint is a subtype of Point, it changes type and prefix of P

1.2.5 Simulation of Redeclaration and PointRed

2 Question

If you instead had a class MyPoint with z as an Integer. Would that work?


No, because then MyPoint would not be a subclass of Point.