Parameterization and Extension of Interfaces

1 Tank

External interfaces to component classes are defined primarily through the use of connectors. Assume that we have a definition of a Tank model in a model library. The model has an external interface in terms of the connectors inlet and outlet, as well as a formal class parameter TankStream which is a connector class with its default class value being the Stream connector class. (See ModelicaBook page 176)

1.1 Instantiation of Tank

2 HeatTank

We would like to extend the Tank model to include temperature dependent effects, analogous to how we extended a resistor to a temperature dependent resistor.

2.1 Instantiation of HeatTank

Instantiate it:

3 HeatTankExpanded

The definition of HeatTank is equivalent to the definition of HeatTankExpanded

4 TODO provide simulation model