Hierarchically Structured Components with Inside and Outside Connectors

NOTE: In order to simulate the PartialDCMotor. model below, you first need to evaluate the declarations in sections 1-5 below. This is easily done by selecting these cells (to the right) and pushing shift-return as usual.

1 Types from Modelica.SIunits

The following are different types from the library Modelica.SIunits used by the PartDCMotorCircuit

1.1 Electrical units

1.2 Mechanical units

1.3 Other units

2 Electrical Connectors

3 Mechanical Connectors

4 Block Signal Connectors

5 Components

5.1 Electrical Components

5.2 Mechanical Components

5.3 Electromechanical Components

5.4 Signal Block Components

6 Partial DC Motor

Complex systems are naturally described as hierachical structures often many levels deep. We would like to create a structured library component class that captures most of the essentials of DC motor circuit. This is done in the incomplete PartialDCMotor.

7 Simulation of PartDCMotorCircuit