Multiple Connections to a Single Connector

In almost all previous examples we only connected two connectors. In fact, there is in general no limitation to the number of connections that can be made to a single connector, apart from connector classes that very specifically limits the cardinality of the connections. In the class
ResistorCircuit three resistors are connected at one node.

As usual the special operator
connect produces equations by taking into account what kind of variables , flow or non-flow, that are involved. The generated equations, based on equal potential at a connection point and Kirchhoff's current law, are as follows for this particular example:

R1.p.v = R2.p.v;
R1.p.v = R3.p.v;

R1.p.i + R2.p.i + R3.p.i = 0;

The model
TripleSprings has three connected springs.