A DC-Motor by Connecting Components from Multiple Domains

1 General Description

So far most of the presented models have been of the single domain type being constructed of components from a single application domain. However, one of the main advantages with Modelica is the ease of constructing multi-domain models simply by connecting components from different domains. A DC (direct current) motor is one of the simplest examples illustrating this capability.

This particular model contains components from the three domains: mechanical components such as inertia1,the electrical components resistor1, inductor1, signalVoltage1 and ground1 as well as pure signal components such as step1.

A multi-domain DC-MotorCircuit model with mechanical, electrical and signal block components

NOTE: In order to simulate the DCMotorCircuit model below, you first need to evaluate the declarations in sections 2-7 below. This is easily done by selecting these cells (to the right) and pushing shift-return as usual.

2 Types from Modelica.SIunits

The following are different types from the library Modelica.SIunits used by the DCMotorCircuit

2.1 Electrical units

2.2 Mechanical units

2.3 Other units

3 Electrical Connectors

4 Mechanical Connectors

5 Block Signal Connectors

6 Components

6.1 Electrical Components

6.2 Mechanical Components

6.3 Electromechanical Components

6.4 Signal Block Components

7 DCMotor

This DC (direct current) motor model contains component from three domains: mechanical, electrical and signal components.

8 Simulation of DCMotorCircuit