Connectors and Connector Classes

1 Pin

The by now well-known class Pin is a connector class that can be used to specify the external interface for electrical components that have pins as interaction points.

Another way to use the connector
Pin is to refer to it from the library using the full path. This method can be used to create instances of all classes that belong to the Modelica library, instead of writing the whole classes every time.

A component with an electrical pin connector.

2 Flange

The Flange connector class below, analogous to Pin, is used to describe interfaces for one-dimensional interaction in the mechanical domain by specifying the position s and force f at a point of interaction.

A component with a mechanical flange connector.

3 InPort

The connector class InPort when instantiated as inPort is a signal input port that can be connected to receive signals.

A component with an inPort connector for signals.

4 Connector Classes

Connector classes often use special types for standard physical quantities represented by Real values, e.g. Voltage. The types Voltage, Current, Position, Force and Distance shown below are just five of the classes available in the Modelica Standard library Modelica.SIunits.